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brushed silver look, aluminum, stand-off 1/2" from wall - see more samples in our gallery -
What is laminate sheet?
Laminates are normally 2-layer plastics. The core of these normally consists of
acrylic. This core is coated with a thin, coloured top layer. When this is removed
by engraving, the color of the core material is revealed.  
Laser Engraving Laminates
Laminate sheets are used for making signs and signage,
such as
type plates, company signs, nameplates,
industrial labels, and many more
. Laminates are
available in many colors and effects for both indoor and
outdoor use.
Can laminate sheets be cut?
Yes, the laser can cut the sheets in any size, so customized shapes are available,
any form, stencils, irregular shapes.
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